Monthly Archives: April 2011

Not able to move

Last night master t decided to tie me up with belts, handcuffs, blind And gag me.. Was not able to move and thAt always freaks me out..I endured and then he went over the week with me..had not done everything I should have done but was not punished because the week isn’t over yet..I did sucked master t and he came in my mouth

Will people ever learn?

Getting sick of idiots that don’t use their brains’. Haven’t had much rime to spend with master t alone lately… Just working with idiots and spending free time taking care of everyone else”… Just wish that I could just feel like I have some rime to relax and not always have to get thinfgs accomplished…but seriously think and hope that a career change will help.. Just sick of people doing the same shit different day every single day… People acting like I owe them something when I don’t owe them anything… Very frustrating

April Fools day…

to all the idiots out there…congrats on your day…ok, yes i know how and where April fools day really came from, so no i don’t need you to tell me…

Master had me suck Him last night and He came in my mouth…He was really easy to make cum yesterday…think it was because He was tired.  We have been working really hard at our jobs…just wish that we had more time and money to do the things we want to do without being dead tired like we both have been for the past mont(s).

Today starts spring break for some here…sucks that i have to work instead of being able to go someplace warmer than here…or at least have something fun to do…just sucks that i am going to have to just sit here all fucking week working when i should be able to do something fun.

been working hard on getting all the things Master T wants me to get done on assignments today…hope He at least appreciates the effort given by me…i don’t think that He understands how little time and energy i have after i finish the day…my days are usually longer than His and after i finish working, i always have the house shit to finsih up and all that stuff…He finishes work and then has a drink and watches tv or does something He enjoys doing…not working at home.