Monthly Archives: March 2011

wordpress is working…again…

so have been trying to post for the past few days and the site kept telling me that they were so very sorry…BUT no changes in my blog were available at this time…told Master T that i needed a pass on those days because of technical probs with the site…we’ll see.

Think that we are getting the weekend 100% off…no responsibilities….just quiet and relaxation filled…excited for this after the week from hell at work (and YES, it is only WED…and i am working on fucking friday again this week…blah)…

i have been trying to fulfill all the things Master wants me to do this week…really have been trying hard..hope that Master sees this and takes it into consideration.

day off #2…

ok, so tomorrow is monday…i get it…BUT it was fab to have the day off today 🙂  Master decided to have me suck Him last night…He set a timer and told me that i had to make Him cum before the timer went off to get the bonus on the number of swats i’ll get…of course it was one of those nights that He was very good at controling how He was getting off…so needless to say, He made me a deal that i couldn’t win.  we had a good day today, it was warm which is not normal for here…so went outside for a bit of the afternoon…then we made a big dinner that He saw on food network this morning…He is always trying something new.

and i must thank you all…

Master T showed me what y’all decided on for the u decide thing…wow, thanks  just drive around our area and see if you see me in the car.

Master changed a few things in my rules last night…now i have to write like 25 times rules that i’ve fucked up on and now only have to do a weekly email for Master instead of daily…and now i have a daily what i did thing i need to fill out when He is gone.

hope that i have enough time to get all of this in…have tons of crap that i am responsible for in a normal i guess me 10 minutes of “free” time of the day will be gone.

Master did fuck me last night…was nice, has been a while since He has done that…tonight is Sat night…so punishment night for all the crap that i didn’t do correctly.

and it is finally the weekend!

wow, a long week…worked my job 60 hours this week and spent the morning working at the other business…good to be finished for the weekend.  really just want to relax and have a good weekend…do some fun things with the family, enjoy warmer weather…get caught up on some much needed sleep…have been having very odd dreams…some very scary, some just annoying…all make me wake up in the morning exhausted!  Master has just simply not slept in like 3 days…think that it is all the stress we are under to make this new business a go…always hard to start something and not knowing what is going to happen…i remember being freaked out with the prospect of starting my business 3 years ago…but it has paid well and is successful…just hoping that the same can be said with the new company…just a hard time to start a business, but it was really time to do it.

time change???

really don’t understand why we have time change NOW??  really confuses me for several days…and no, i am not stupid…just really messes with sleep, meals, what time i should be doing things…not sure i enjoy it…but maybe when it is OLD 4:30 tomorrow and i am getting off of work i’ll love it.

was a somewhat relaxing weekend…Master trained me last night…we were going to go to His office, but with not knowing who else in the complex would be there, i was worried about all the noise. we ended up staying home and He was happy that all of the things He wanted me to do were done…i got 13 smacks with a cane for not remembering to email Him last week, but that was the only punishment.

i sucked Master till He came in my mouth…i think He really enjoyed Himself last night.

so, it’s friday..

And i am soo very happy it is!!  this week has been a week from hell with work, trying to keep everything in check here….glad that the first job for his business is finished and we can go on with the next ones…hope they aren’t on quite as tight of a time crunch!  get some time to ourselves this weekend…plan to go out to eat with Master in a little while…yes, i know…dinner at 8:45pm…sucks, but He just got home from work…i only had to work until 4:55 today 🙂  just really glad that i have 2 whole days off!!

ahhh…wed again…

the week is now 1/2 over and that is the good news!  i can’t wait until the weekend again…hoping that it is a “real” weekend and not the variety of the past few weeks (of working all day both sat and sun)…really ready for a break from all the work crap and just plain run down and tired.

Master got his first “big” job of the new company finished up today and was paid…so was nice that the company made almost 10,000 in it’s first month…hope it continues to profit and doesn’t become a big financial burden.