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interesting night last night…

Master had an idea for an interesting training session last night…i really should take a picture sometime of some of the things He does…would maybe give some of you an evil idea or two 🙂  i don’t even know all that Master did…was a bit of a stimulation overload…sure He’d clue you in tho if you wish.  Anyhow…He did some restraint thing then He fucked me like the dirty little slut i am.

Today for whatever reason i have a nasty headache…maybe it is the job?  ha ha ha.  really REALLY looking forward to a nice LONG weekend this weekend..not 100% sure what the weekend will have in store, but still looking forward to it.  hope that it could MAYBE be break time in the near future…think that i (or rather HOPE that i ) have 1-2 to myself today…wishful thinking more than likely…someone will NEED something and NEED me to help them ASAP…or they will just not be able to handle life….it might be nice to work for someone else…then i could tell them to get someone else to deal with it…i would just be on lunch and leave me alone…much unlike my normal days that can range from 6am-7:45pm like they have lately…ugh!

getting things back to normal…

at last everyone’s schedules are “normal”…it will be soo nice to be back into a routine instead of just those of us that are working having a schedule to uphold.  Master T did the “You Decide” on Friday night…He had me masterbate while He drove around town…was very odd…kept thinking that people were watching me tho most likely they couldn’t see what the f i was doing.  When we got home, Master tied me up in a very uncomfy position for what felt like forever…then He had sex with me…was really nice to have some alone time with Him.  It is turning into another busy week here…didn’t think that it was supposed to be quite this crazy today-Friday…but i guess i was wrong.

You Decide Day 3

The time has come to vote again, Master has come up with a few things to vote on. 


You Decide Day 2

You Decided

I will spend 20 minutes like this tonight

Thanks for voting and please check back as Master has more days planned!!!

why does everything crappy happen at the same time?

seriously?  why do shitty things always happen at the exact same time?  kids are being brats, older kids are acting like everyone on the planet makes 300,000 a year, other family members acting like…well they are being difficult and Master T makes everything always sound like it is my fault and i should always be the bigger person?  Does anyone else agree?  at what point do you STOP being the “bigger person” and start to just be a doormat that people KNOW they can push around and piss off as much as THEY wish because they KNOW you will always go begging back to them to be friends?  i am seriously frustrated because i feel that i am doing the RIGHT thing…think that i am helping to make a difference and i am being treated like some kind of kindergardener for it?  why can’t people just listen to me for once and REALLY HEAR what the hell i am saying?  i feel like i talk and talk and talk and people ignore me.  i feel that i have proven myself for what i am trying to accomplish and it HAS AND IS working…but every time i have a forward point, people get pissy and then I AM THE BAD PERSON?  Master T ALWAYS wants me to “be the bigger person”…call people and chit chat-about what?  when i say i really don’t have anything to chit chat about I AM BEING A BITCH?  does He not realize that when i DO try to make the effort, i am just bitched at or told that i don’t know what the hell i am talking about because everyone else knows so fucking much?  i don’t understand…HE won’t just call to make chit chat…because HE is sick of the drama….and HAS been for years…HE calls and starts yelling and sometimes cussing at the same people that HE wants me to call and for the most part suck up to…i am tired of Him wanting to put me into a situation that will most likely be that the other person will be bitching at me and yelling…i have and have always tried to keep my cool with this person-but when this person is already being like that and i have little patience…not like this is the ONLY thing i have going on in MY life…i have my OWN shit to deal with aside from someone treating me like i am shit…she made it very clear the ONLY thing SHE cared about-in as many words…and that i and others here could just go fuck ourselves…but i should drop EVERYTHING else and deal with ONE issue-when the person (s)that i NEED to help are here and BEING helped?  Master T just gives me the cold shoulder when i talk to Him about any of this…and then gets pissy and like HE has SOO much that HE will have to deal with if HE has to iron this out…really, i think that THIS person DOESN’T want to be friendly or helpful or even care much…but i get treated like shit from Master because of it?  really, even others that are close to this person have stopped talking to her because of the shit…but I need to be the “bigger person”

Two more days to vote

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