Monthly Archives: June 2009

The weekend…

Master T had a training sesson planned for the entire weekend…He did a good job, and made my ass and tits hurt like hell.
Master had me go down to the basement (finished) and he had a chain suspended from the ceiling, he cuffed me and locked my hands above my head then cuffed and locked my ankles on a pc of wood apart. Master had me read some things that he had on a power point of slave rules and what HE expected from me. He has narrowed down the required MUST FOLLOW rules to 17, now the long list of the others must still be known…Master also had me demonstrate different positions and hold them for extended periods (stress positions) and then he had me choose a position from about 8 new positions. Master paddled my ass and forced orgasms..master t is home, must type more later.

Weekend alone….

Master T and i have a weekend alone this weekend! Master has been hard at work getting things together for what he wants to do. Master made a wonderful organizer for our box of “stuff”…makes it much easier for this slave to be able to organize the items and present them to Master when He orders them. Not sure what Master has planned…know that he will want to do some training, but he has yet to tell me what he wants me to do. Will keep everyone posted.

Really trying…not everything is my fault

Ok…so just a lot of work this weekend…Master T has been hard at work getting things done…and i as his slave was his trusty side-kick…lol! Master is angry with me today because of my lawyer…it really is not something that i can help…the lawyer is not returning my calls and i have tried to contact him many times today…it is rude that he would not do his job and call me back, but it is hard to deal with Master T being upset with me as it is nothing that i can do to stop the lawyer from not calling me. Hope that Master will be not as angry with me for the acts of others.

Master wants more explicit and expressive…..

Master has ordered that the blog be more expressive and explicit (and not just a one liner)…Master has also said that there is no longer to be I, me, my in writting..instead referances to self in 3rd party or Master’s slave….with that said…
This slave has had a very busy week! Master had a long training session on Sat night-lasted past 3:30am…slept in until 11:30 the next day (hadn’t done that for over a decade)!
Will write more later today-still working at the moment…just had a few minutes to myself so thought better get this started at least.

I know, I know…

Was unable to write yesterday (had a huge party here about 1/2 hour after work was over) UGH…Master T called me out on a few rules that have not been followed well…sure that He is angry about some things that aren’t being followed…or else He just likes to get on me about stuff. Master and i had a little bit of an arguement last night…He did something that was uncalled for-He was frustrated and just blew up in front of some guests…was really pissed at Him, and He knew it! Sure that it will be brought up this weekend that i was pissed…but i do feel that i had the right to be pissed off…He is the one that should be able to control His temper and the one that He was angry with can’t.

Master T being a good Master…

Master T is being a good Master…He understood that the blog could not be written yesterday as the internet was down (congrats to the stupid road workers that hit the connection for Comcast for the entire area). Master has been happy that the directions have been followed…and His requests are being done. Last night when it was time for bed, Master was awake and couldn’t sleep…tho not an issue on my end…and He wanted me to suck His cock…gladly took Master’s cock deep into my mouth and worked hard for His cum (was trying NOT to cum as to make His slave work harder)…finally got Master’s cum and He was able to go to sleep…glad that Master’s needs were met and He was happy. Master has a ton of work to do tonight…hope that He doesn’t get grouchy due to it.